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I'm a creative webenthousiast, webdeveloper, webdesigner living in Belgium.
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WK-Special Veldrijden

Belgium breathes cyclo-cross! Every year the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad publishes an extra insert to cover this amazing sport. To promote the insert on the website we provided a banner campaign with additional landing page.

Pixelmountain Webdesign Blog

Pixelmountain is a Dutch blog that's focused on webdesign and development. It offers creative photoshop tutorials, inspiration and modern design trends. Take a look at:

De Weekendwedstrijd

Every weekend we dish up a new question about a remarkable news topic that was hot in Belgium. If you know the correct answer you may win a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I'm a Webenthousiast, Designer,
& Front-End Web Developer

So hi there! My name is Simon Van den Bergh and I'm a webenthousiast living in Belgium. Currently I'm carving some creative online campaigns for, the biggest newspaper in Belgium. With over eight years of experience, I now hold a versatile skill set: responsive web design, email marketing & design, social media & analytics,… In my spare time I write tutorials and articles for the Dutch webblog

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, besides a warm cup of coffee, this is how I start my day: Html(5)/CSS(3), jQuery, Photoshop, Bannering, E-mailmarketing, WordPress, Drupal, Responsive Webdesign

So now you know a little about me. Why don't you say HI! back to me:

Responsive Webdesign

The web has gone more and more mobile. Having your website working for your versatile audience, means it needs to be usable on any device. Either if its on a mobile device, tablet or desktop: responsive (yeah, it's a buzzword…) development is what you need.

Solid Email Marketing

It's the year 2014. So table-based layouts are completely kicked out of this universe? No, absolutely not. Creating emails still requires the use of tables. Even if you want your emails to be responsive (hey, here's that buzzword again). Creating emails that work on every device can be a challenge, but it's not rocket science.

Social & Analytics

Having a website is one thing. But do you know how many people actualy visit your website? And did they find what they were looking for? Analytics will be your best friend to find out. Or maybe your social stream provides your clients the correct answer.

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